Spring Time

Hello so I haven’t posted a blog in a long time, so I thought I will do the newest season Spring! Spring is when all the animals come out of hibernation, flowers start to bloom and birds return from their ‘holiday’. Spring is a great time to go birdwatching/night watching. Plus who saw the eclipse on Friday? Ok bye!


Christmas time!

Hi evreyone it’s me. So I thought as it’s so close to Christmas I thought I would do a post on the best known Christmas bird the Robin. The Robin is a sought of brown bird with a lovely red belly. So today I was cleaning out my Guinea pigs hutch, and saw that a Robin had got into the run and was trying to get out. So naturally I went to see if I could get it out and on it’s way. So after a couple of attempts of catching it it managed to fly out. I love the Robin it’s belly is such a lovely color. So the Robin is the size of a blue tit around about. Robins stay here in England all year round but we see them mostly in winter. I hope you liked this. Merry Christmas!

Going into winter!

As I haven’t posted a Blog for a few months (sorry). I decided to do one on winter and Hibernation. For those who don’t know what Hibernation is, it’s basicly a deep sleep that some animals go in to over the winter months. A animal has to eat a pecific amount or more to go into Hibernation ,So they eat as much as they can before “going to bed”. But don’t worry your pets wont Hibernate.

Other news in October I went to Jersey and went to Durrell. I loved it so much! Durrell is a wildlife park devoted to saving animals from extintion.

Pied Tamarin

Pied Tamarin

Summer Time!

So I haven’t posted a blog  in a really long time so I decided to do it on one of the most popular summer animals Butterflies. There are about 20,000 species of Butterfly around the world. They live almost everywhere except the really cold places.The picture below is of a Peacock Butterfly. SAM_2191 The Peacock butterfly has a pretty pattern but it also helps it survive.The two spots act as eyes and make it look like another animal.

And that is my latest blog.

The Eden Project

About a week ago I went to the Eden Project.It was Freaky Nature and it was great, there were things that explained how seeds travelled. There were sticky seeds, exploding seeds and flying seeds.The day that I went, they had a desktop scanning Electron microscope . There was also a seed shaped like a BUM!   We also went to the biomes. Near the end of our visit we found a group a frogs!They were laying out their spawn and mating!When we went into the shop we got a camera ready bird box. I’ll give you info on that later in the year.

The Big Garden Birdwatch

Today I’m doing the big garden Birdwatch in my garden the weather isn’t the best but there might still be a chance.

Now on Thursday I watched hidden kingdoms and there was fighting chipmunks and a tree shrew and it was amazing.

Watch Hidden kingdoms bbc one 8o’clock.


I’ve found the Elephant Shrew.

I’m watching Hidden Kingdoms and it showed me a new species,the Elephant Shrew! I’ve never heard of it before and it sounds strange but it’s real!It’s cute to.They also showed me the Grasshopper Mouse and like the Elephant Shrew cute if you  aren’t  watching Hidden Kingdoms do it’s really good I’m going to watch it as much as I can.